Monitor your rivals instantly. Increase your sales.

Upload your rivals products' URLs. Get notified about the price and stock information. You will beat the competition!

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How HINTA Helps You Grow Sales

What is HINTA?

HINTA is a SaaS which monitors your rivals’ price & stock availability instantly and presents detailed insights.

Why should I use HINTA?

Won't you want to be ahead of your competitors moment to moment? You can monitor your competitors’ prices & stock availability momentarily with HINTA.

Who is HINTA for?

  • All e-commerce websites
  • Procurement departments
  • Distributors who want to audit their dealers
  • Associations who perform market analysis
  • How HINTA Works

    Add URLs of your competitors to a sheet

    Our software will start to be notifying you via mail after we have received your sheet.

    Analyze your rivals' price and stock availability

    Get notification mails based on specific time intervals that you choose. You will just check your emails to stay ahead of the competition.

    Increase your sales and market share

    Having capability of dynamic pricing is crucial for increasing sales. HINTA provides you instant price intelligence for doing it so.

    See what our dear clients say about us.

    Hinta help me to start earning money in E-commerce. They helped me to detect the products that we sell below the average market price. Thanks to great team, our company increase the profit.
    Kerem S. - CEO at SupClean
    I just take a look at the daily reports to see market changes everyday. It's possible to reach price history. Lovely team is always in contact with me. Good to meet you. Amazing!
    Erol O. - Founder at Duvee
    They helped me to find the reason why our company had low sales on some of the categories. We were trying to sell items much higher than other players in the market. It also brought us even extra warehouse expenses. We got rid of the difficulties with help of amazing team.
    Boran A. - Founder at Ucuzbahce

    Monitor your rivals instantly.
    Increase your sales.

    Your Problems and How HINTA Solves Them

    Price and Stock Availability Analysis

    Monitor your rivals' prices and stock availability with respect to brand, category or SKU of your products.

    Price Tracking

    Get notified about your rivals' pricing policy instantaneously.

    Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring

    MAP monitoring detects price violation instantly. You can save the brand image without any effort. Also, you can track stock availability of your wholesalers.

    Market Research and Benchmarking

    If you are at the stage of a new product launch for your e-shop or procurement for your company, detailed market research is crucial. With HINTA, it becomes automated.


    What does competitor price and stock tracking software mean?

    Competitor price and stock tracking software is new way of developing pricing strategies. It tracks your competitors products' price and stock. It sends to you simple reports. While vast amount of human power is wasting because of preparing the reports, there are lots of errors at the reports due to nature of manuel work. This may mislead you.

    Is the price and stock availability data trustworthy?

    Cutting edge technologies are being used at Hinta. We are happy to serve you reliable data. Our mission is make you save time while reporting and analyzing the data.

    How would I benefit from Hinta?

    Pricing is in the heart of sales process. We know the importance of having eye on the rivals products. We do not want to you lose time by collecting market data. You will save time, have more control in the market and increase your profit.

    Does Hinta work for my industry?

    We can cover wide range of industry thanks to our state of the art technology. Please contact us, we would more than happy to talk with you.

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